Vince Williams is an award-winning video production specialist that always looks for new opportunities and ways to contribute to an industry that he is very passionate about. He has over a decade of experience and with each unique project that comes his way can take a role of leadership as a Producer or be a technical/creative supporter as a Videographer and Editor.


The basis for his skills and creativity started with his education in film production from Chapman University in California and Southern Methodist University in Texas. That education has allowed him to have success doing many different types of projects from films to corporate videos to webisodes to commercials. And those project have ganered him several top awards including a Telly Award, Grand Remi Award, Lionshead Award and Faculty of the Semester Award.


Documentaries are Vince’s wheelhouse. His films have been screened at over 20 different film festivals around the USA. He currently works with Orphan Outreach to bring international stories back home to gain recognition and support for the subject matter.


Vince has also taught film production on the collegiate-level for over eight years. He mainly teaches production classes, such as Documentary, Cinematography, Lighting and Short Film Production. Teaching is a way for him to give back to the future generation of filmmakers.

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